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  is where my documents live!


#WiHM666 Interview: Maria Alexander, February 24, 2015, with G.G. Silverman.

Dirge Magazine Interview, January 5, 2015, with Madeleine Swann.

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Dark Scribe Magazine interviews me on Christmas Eve, 2008.

Grotto Radio Podcast #2: Adventures in French Paganism: This is an introduction to me and some of the things I’d planned to research as I live for 9 months in Aix-en-Provence. (I’m the last speaker on the show, I think.)

Grotto Radio Podcast #7: Why the French Don’t Need Halloween: My surprisingly intense experiences as I’ve explored some of this France’s darkest and most magical areas. Plus a confession about what really happened to me on the beaches of Normandy. (I’m the first speaker on the show.)

Interview with award-winning writer, David Niall Wilson, on Macabre Ink in February 2008.

Radio Appearances

BBC World Have Your Say Radio: Style, Spin and American Politics: Live from Venice Beach on September 10, 2008. I sat with the head show producer Ros Atkins; Mark Sawyer, political science professor at UCLA; editor Ted Johnson from Variety (who had been arrested during the protests outside the RNC); and a reporter named Maria Joyouspirit who has a show on KPFK. We spoke with an array of fascinating people from all over the world — like Lance Price, who’d been Tony Blair’s spin doctor. We had a fascinating hour of political talk with people from all over the globe.

BBC World Have Your Say Radio: The Japanese and French Culture: An interesting discussion I participated in about the phenomenon of Japanese visitors having to be expatriated because of nervous breakdowns in Paris.

BBC World Radio Have Your Say: The Blasphemy Challenge: Me at my devilish best, discussing The Blasphemy Challenge, Brian Flemming, and all manner of Christian subversion.

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