No Rhyme Goes Unpunished

LAPD homicide detective Henry Cake can’t get a break in life until someone starts killing the worst poets in Los Angeles. Between the killer’s taunting calls and interference from Cake’s fan club, can he stop these heinous crimes? Especially when no one else wants him to catch the killer?

“This guy stinks. And so does his book.”
—Michael Cannelly, internationally bestselling author of the Harrold Botch books

Lee Childe, bestselling author of the Jack Retcher novels, said nothing.

“I couldn’t put it down…until it caught fire in the flames of my fireplace. Then I threw the sucker in wholeheartedly.”
—Sandra Black, bestselling author of Stab in the Dark and Other Things You Deserve

“I thought it was kind of funny.”
—Dennis Lehain, bestselling author of Gone Rabies Gone

“Quentin Banks is the kind of writer you want to punch in the kisser.”
—James Pattersin, author of everything in the grocery store even copy on the cereal boxes