Mr. Wicker: Nominated for the Bram Stoker Award!


I didn’t get the news immediately. I was at the surgeon’s office for a follow-up to last Friday’s hand surgery, totally absorbed in Michael Marshall Smith’s latest short story collection, Everything You Need. When I got home, I found an email from my publisher, Jennifer Barnes at Raw Dog Screaming Press. My Facebook and Twitter feeds were already exploding.

I’m absolutely thrilled that Mr. Wicker was nominated for Superior Achievement in a First Novel. I give my great thanks to the members of the Horror Writers Association for their confidence in my unique book. I’m astonished to be in the same company as David Cronenberg, one of my favorite film directors. It’s a tough ballot. I wish the best of luck to everyone nominated!

Where Are the Women?

Oddly enough, I’m the only woman on the ballot for the adult novel categories. It feels strange, especially given this is Women in Horror Month. I confess that the other day I was feeling a bit weary of the topic. Last year, the very talented Rena Mason won the very category in which I’ve been nominated. In fact, I know several incredibly talented female horror writers who have taken home the little brown house. I just hope that women continue to feel encouraged to write horror and dark fiction in general. The genre was invented by a woman, after all.

See you all in Atlanta for the World Horror Convention’s 25 year anniversary!

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