Yesterday, All My Troubles

I had some email with Ros, the producer of the WHYS show, and expressed my disappointment with how they chose the flow. He apologized for not coming back to me, but really felt okay with letting the young girl speak as much as she did.

After I’d slept on it, I realized that part of the problem is that I’m really sensitive to America’s image as being full of naive, ignorant voters who don’t care much for the process. I felt that giving so much airtime to someone who was admittedly naive tapped into that nervousness and self-consciousness, especially after experiencing the stereotypes of the French about us. Living abroad can really affect your sensitivity to how you and your home is perceived. Since the WHYS audience is enormous and global, I had hoped to show the world we weren’t all scratching our voting cards with green ink.

Of course, I expressed this to Ros.

I’ve been pulled back into the ad agency project, but that should soon be over. I’m really glad for it, too, because of the bills I’ve generated with Mad-ame Scientist. But the moment I’m done, I’m back to writing for Thrilled! When I’m on, I’m writing about 500 good words a night, which isn’t bad after an exhausting day here.

Speaking of here…

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