I started taking magnesium supplements this morning. I’m still in my 30s and I’m dropping words. They’re like blank spots that float in my mind when I reach for certain words or names. It used to be names exclusively and it drove me crazy. But now words, to my horror. Eventually the word comes, but it takes a few moments. It’s better if I don’t freak out and pressure myself. Since I started this mammoth daily word-drive, my memory has improved vastly in some ways but become miserable in others. My leafy green vegetable intake is pretty dismal, so that too will improve, as will my exercise level. I’m positive that has something to do with it, as well.

Maybe writing over 3000 words a day is taking its toll. 3264 words yesterday, bringing the overall word count to 45,061. (That’s over 54K by publishing count.) I’m feeling confident that Draft 1 will be done by the time we go to Avoriaz next week. Thank goodness for Amazon’s text stats. It’s helping me compare the length to other books like it so that I can ensure I’m in the ballpark. This was also immensely helpful for G3.

Night before last, we watched Princess Mononoke in French. The French version is seamless. If it weren’t for the fact that it’s obviously Miyazaki, you couldn’t have told me those characters weren’t speaking French. And even if I didn’t understand everything, I remembered the story and it still moved me.

Now, more writing.

Oh, but first, Segolene Royal, the French Socialist presidential candidate weighed in on her foreign policy regarding Iran: “The Iranians had better wizen up.”

Wow! She set those Iranians straight!

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