Seeking Whom He May Devour

So what’s up for New Hampshire on the 8th? I’m sure you’re all dying to know! (ha ha)

Obama: Still has all the same magical stuff going on. Plus…he has transiting Mercury in Aquarius opposing natal Mercury in Leo. Will there be an upset? Something he says or somehow communicates is going to oppose what he’s been saying all along. Not unusual for any politician, really. I don’t think anything terrible will ultimately come of it because transiting Venus in Sagittarius, the sign of the cheerleader, will be trine his natal Sun the next day. Translation: Who doesn’t love ya, baby?

Hillary: Her life will still be teh suck. She has these same transits and worse on election day. It’s only going to get darker for her next month, too. I know this rubs all you Calvinists in your happy spot, but I get tied up in philosophical knots when I think about it.

Edwards: I forgot that I have his chart online. He had some lovely stuff yesterday and today, which will be ebbing by the 8th. Transiting Jupiter in Capricorn has been trine his natal Venus, bringing him increased social favor. This transit also indicates possible increases of money and lurrrrve. But next month is going to be much better for him. His progressed Moon will be conjunct his natal Jupiter. (Translation = Booyah! for about a month.) In fact, Edwards has a whole lot of booyah for the next few years, as progressed Jupiter (Papa Booyah) is conjunct his Sun. That’s a looooong-ass progression. Years long. It brings fame, but can easily bring pride, loopy optimism and obnoxious bouts of self-importance.

I guess that describes a typical American President, doesn’t it?

Anyway, it looks like he’ll do well in New Hampshire, too, but Obama’s still leading the pack.

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