The Offal Hotel?

I’m currently in a maelstrom of ick with The Opal, the hotel I stayed at in San Francisco. I’ve discovered on my credit card a $150.00 charge for “incidentals” that the man at the front desk cannot itemize for me. I never even turned on the television, so I can’t imagine what the $50 a day charge is supposed to cover. And it’s an even $50/day. No more or less.

ETA: This might be fixed. Might. We’ll see!

I’m also pretty sure the guy who checked my luggage while I was having lunch with my brother and sister-in-law on Sunday also stole the branch of white sage out of my suitcase that Livgren gave me. It was grown in the garden of her circle mate and bound with twine that Livgren herself spun. I can’t prove it was either them or the TSA, but I have a feeling it was one of their dumbass employees, thinking it was a giant splif or something.

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