Cam Ping

We rolled out to Point Mugu for several hours yesterday to see my sword teacher for her birthday gathering. I stopped to say hello and meet a new person who looked awfully familiar. She was this lovely British lady who introduced herself as Alex. I could have sworn I’d met her at my sword teacher’s baby shower and then suddenly I realized where I’d actually “met” her.

“Oh!” I told her. “The last time I saw you, you were covered in wode!

Which made her smile. (Yes, it was that Alex.)

The Frenchman proceeded to get quite silly on wine as he chatted with other French people there. (I swear, I think he has more fun with my friends than he does with his own.) We soon realized I’d entirely forgotten one of the bags of supplies. I then berated myself because all we had were graham crackers, marshmallows, two skewers, a container of pasta, a bottle of French red wine and a jar of mustard.

Thank goodness for the wine and for the sweet people who fed us.

Chatted there also with the Hedgebeast who says her very cool horror script is getting funded. (I’m not allowed to say by whom yet but it’s someone big enough.) They’re letting her direct, which will be awesomeness beyond awesomeness. It is the sort of story that shall, once and for all, settle the question of whether women can write absolutely grueling horror. The Hedgebeast once wrote a first draft of a script for George Romero — I’m tempted to say it was DAY OF THE DEAD, but I could be wrong — and she wrote the first draft of THE MUMMY. So, yeah, this should rock our socks.

Anyway. Polishing a sample chapter today for the big proposal thingy and largely puttering around. Hope your weekends are as relaxing!

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