Le Weekend, C’etait Fabuleux!

Early Saturday morning I went for a 90-minute session of Reiki and deep tissue massage that was pretty wonderful. The Reiki effects were immediate but they didn’t last. I have yet to match my first experience with Reiki, which was nothing short of miraculous. I’m really not a fan of “energy work,” whatever that is, but that first Reiki experience — which I didn’t know was Reiki until after the guy had finished and he told me — just blew me away. I’m still looking for the person who can replicate that. So far, I’ve had some nice experiences but nothing that really healed me. Still, I ended up a noodle after all that great massage.

Later, I managed to firm up my noodly self for the book signing at Dark Delicacies for the Book of Lists: Horror, where Lisa Morton, Del and a whole bunch of other folk I know were signing. Here’s a photo of Staci Wilson and me:

Then I finally saw Nightwatch, which I really liked even though it seemed like everybody and his Russian poodle was an “Other” and the lynch pin to the Virgin plot failed to grab me in any way. Also, if the Nightwatch keeps the baddies from doing too much bad, does the Daywatch keep the goodies from doing too much good? “Look out! I’m Daywatch, ma’am, and I’m here to stop you filthy goody two-shoes from giving that bum a manicure because it breaks The Truce!” Still, the subtitles were GENIUS! Seriously. I’ve never seen anything like it. I loved the soundtrack and much of the visuals, too.

Afterward I wrote, and wrote again this morning. But dammit I can’t seem to sleep more than 6-1/2 hours. This is really bothering me. Some powerful circadian rhythm has kidnapped my sleep cycles and carved out a 6-1/2 hour stretch. I can sometimes fall back to sleep for another hour, but it’s getting harder every day.

Then after writing a bit this morning, I worked the phones at the Obama campaign this afternoon. They were expecting only 20 people and 31 showed up. We ran out of phone numbers early. It was nuts. The precinct captain told me that, in the 40 years she’s been working campaigns, this one is off the charts crazy. She’s never seen such turnout to help in her life. If you’ve even got a shred of anxiety about this election, you simply must sign up at Obama’s website and get involved. You’ll feel better, especially as you connect with cool, like-minded people. One thing’s for sure: we were all terrified of the way people are responding to Caribou Barbie and McGeezer’s lies. FactCheck.org has revealed that, while both candidates stretch the truth, McGeezer’s ads lie more than twice as much as Obama’s, and in much more damning ways. Yet people are gobbling it up. They don’t care. Caribou Barbie the Gun Messiah has come to save the aborted babies and usher in the theocracy! Who cares if she’s not qualified or if McGeezer flip flops in 24 hours on major economic policies. Jesus is coming to the White House, bitches. That’s what’s good for everyone, right?

So hit the pavement, people! Move move move! We’re not going to win this thing bitching in our blogs. The polls are ridiculously close and we have too much to lose as a nation if McGeezer wins. Don’t throw away your vote! It counts, and don’t let anyone tell you differently, especially if you’re in a battleground state.

Tonight, I’m writing again. Coming up on 24,000 words. This thing is finally starting to feel like a book. It feels like everyone in the story has more personality than my main character, but he’s coming together as I write.

And no word yet on the proposal. I’m still feeling pretty chill about it but I could come unraveled at any moment…

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