Fooling Around or What Middle Aged Women Will Do For Free Chocolate

Yesterday was the best April Fool’s Day I’ve ever had. I had a very slight hand in a highly successful exploit of revenge. Sorry, can’t talk about it publically, but it pleased me so much, it’s going to carry me into the next month.

Last night, though, took the cake…as it were. I met The Quirky Chick and Bella Anthem at Maggiano’s at The Grove for our usual once-a-month round of martinis and dinner. When we were seated, sipping our fabulous Belvedere concoctions, the waiter — a compact fellow with a big smile — started our service. After a bit, however, he approached our table with one of his colleagues and asked us for a favor. Could we please pretend that he flipped out on us? They wanted to play a gag on their manager.

We said, “Hell yeah!”

“Great!” he said. “We’ll even buy you desert.”

“Chocolate Volcano Cake?”

“You got it.”

He served our yummy, steamy hot bread and then our chopped chicken salad. Then, his colleague came by and said, “She’s on her way.” Meaning the manager. She’d been told that customers were complaining about their server.

And then there occurred a performance of Academy quality as three middle-aged women went pale as they described in angry, somewhat stunned words how their waiter went bananas and threatened to hit one of them with a plate when they asked for extra dressing. The poor manager looked ill. I thought she was going to topple. But before it could go any farther, the waiter snuck up behind her and said, “Just April Foolin’ ya!”

Oh, it was sweet. Almost as sweet as the Chocolate Volcano Cake.

Hope your April Fools was just as rich.

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