Dear Tamar Galatzan

I’m a resident of your district and a conscientious voter. As such, I will NOT be voting for you.

Since you began your campaign, I’ve repeatedly received expensive, 4-color print ads from your office in the mail. You emphasize that you’re “not a typical politician.” Why does that matter when you’re clearly a money waster? You’re willing to spend as much money as you can to get your way.

I understand advertising. I write advertising in a division at Disney that reports to their powerful Marketing executives.

When I was a child, I went to grade school in the Valley. We were under the shadow of Prop 13. Your ads focus on how “independent” you are. How about focusing on how school scores are doing, eh? You never mention what you did for academics. Instead, you focus on money, money, money and you barrage your voters with junk mail.

I’m sensing there’s a pattern with anyone who runs for office in the Valley. Be a wasteful pain in the ass who constantly bothers everyone with your calls and junk mail, and then you’ll get elected.

Fuck. That.

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