Tonight’s Debate: Astrological Predictions

Because some of you have asked: I don’t see Obama doing well tonight. He has a dark cloud gathering over his communications, a heavy frustration that’s going to plague him until the election.

Then again, remember in that previous post when I talked of that Neptune transit to Romney’s chart? “Romnesia” is a great summary of that transit. As I wrote, “…questioning of identity and career, cloudy communication…” just about nails it.

So, neither are going to be exactly on top of their game. However, if Romney can use the Neptunian cloud as he’s been doing so far, he might be able to pull this one out. Still, both he and Ryan are entering a major Saturn transit, the Saturn Square, which is a “growing up” phase that might leave them feeling a bit isolated.

Do keep in mind what I said about Inauguration Day, though. R&R=sad face.


ETA: I just discovered that calculates Romney’s Venus at 8Aquarius, while the database lists his Venus at 10Aquarius, which is key to that Inauguration call. I need to find out why there’s a difference and see what’s going on…


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