National Poetry Month: Was an Ocean of You

When I first started writing poetry in the late 1990’s, I discovered a vast number of online publishers. One of those was Pegasus Dreaming. They were the first to publish this little poem, which went on to be reprinted in other places, including Biting Midnight. I hope you enjoy it. (Photo by Joseph Barrientos.)

Was an Ocean of You

You trickle and vanish between my fingers
as your shattered shoreline burns into my bare soles;
You spray salt against my parched lips
as your moods crash against me;
You blister my brow
as your silence stares down around my shoulders.
Once there was an ocean of you…
But now
I whisper into the empty conch shell
that was your heart
So when the children
put you to their ears
all they will hear
is my roaring disappointment.

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