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I Can’t Believe It!

A funny skit on SNL? Get the heck out.

Religion swapping in America? The hell you say.

An Internet RPG mocking Internet culture? Shut it, you Farking a-hole.

Marmalades for Obama? Yes, we can has!

Three years since I met The Frenchman? Indeed!

Test Me Tonight @ 5pm PT?

Dear friends and stalkers,

I’m trying out the fledgling “live blogging” technology via Yahoo! Last night a friend in Chicago helped me work out some bugs, but I’d like to do a bigger run if you’re available.

Drop by around 5:00pm PST tonight if you’re so inclined and let me know how it looks and sounds.

I’m thinking that every week (until I get bored) I’m going to do a mock “advice to the lovelorn” column but from the point of view of a crazy, dominatrix goth girl. The advice itself might be tongue in cheek, but it delivers a grain of truth, nonetheless.

So if you want, send me some goofy questions and I’ll try this out, either tonight or next week.


Ignorant About Superdelegates? Apply the Ointment.

My colleague Steve Tatham’s hilarious rant about Superdelegates on his political spoof show, The Ointment.

So true, it hurts us, precious.

Geek Humor

The Seattle-based ad agency Creature gets major props for their viral campaign for MSN. This is some very funny shit. Check out their parody of a Fox News blowhard visiting a family to “expose” their bad decision to have a “stay-at-home server.”

Visit the official website to see the other videos. I especially love the IT geek who blurts out “You can’t domesticate a server!”

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