Test Me Tonight @ 5pm PT?

Dear friends and stalkers,

I’m trying out the fledgling “live blogging” technology via Yahoo! Last night a friend in Chicago helped me work out some bugs, but I’d like to do a bigger run if you’re available.

Drop by around 5:00pm PST tonight if you’re so inclined and let me know how it looks and sounds.

I’m thinking that every week (until I get bored) I’m going to do a mock “advice to the lovelorn” column but from the point of view of a crazy, dominatrix goth girl. The advice itself might be tongue in cheek, but it delivers a grain of truth, nonetheless.

So if you want, send me some goofy questions and I’ll try this out, either tonight or next week.


Geek Humor

The Seattle-based ad agency Creature gets major props for their viral campaign for MSN. This is some very funny shit. Check out their parody of a Fox News blowhard visiting a family to “expose” their bad decision to have a “stay-at-home server.”

Visit the official website to see the other videos. I especially love the IT geek who blurts out “You can’t domesticate a server!”