Happy Spring! ::sproing, sproing, sproing::

A very happy Vernal Equinox to you and yours.

I have extra “sproing” in my bottom like Tigger this morning because The New Doctor has given a clear bill of health. She’s doing one test just in case, but it seems everything is absolutely clear. We’ll know by next Monday for sure. Otherwise, she’s taken me off 90% of the medications that Mad-ame Scientist put me on. Everyone was incredibly nice, too.


And the best part? I can go back to eating like a normal, healthy human being. I’ll always be cautious about sugar, but a handful of cocktails at WHC isn’t going to be a problem.


Oh, joy! Oh, rapture! Food, wonderful, delicious, delectable, mouth-watering food!

::flings about in a tail-wagging, schnozzle-tipping delirious Opus dance::

Here’s hoping you all get wonderful news, too, if not just a little tipsy today.

And Mr. Ointment used my Snapple cap that I gave him in his video today. Hilarious!

A Quieter, Gentler 4th

I was invited to a celebration with E/T in Culver City, but I chose to stay home, get all that nagging stuff done that needs to be done (bills, checkbook, etc.), nap (which has considerably helped the brain fog), and write. I’ve got Miru curled up next to me, meowing at me admonishingly every time I watch YouTube or something not directed at writing or him. E/T thinks Miru loves me more than them. The problem is that Miru isn’t allowed in their bedroom. It’s quite simple. Where there is bed, there is cat.

I hope you’re all having a good one. Here’s my former (and soon to be again) co-worker from Uncle Walt, Steve Tatum, telling the story of The President Who Cried Wolf: