The Coat, She is Famous

I was poking around from a link that someone sent me and found the blog of Lorraine a’ Malena, half of which being Neil’s assistant, The Fabulous Lorraine. That’s where, to my surprise, I found a discussion about corsets in the comments to one of her posts that included observations of The Fabulous Corset Coat, name checking me as the owner.

I added a comment that said, “You mean, THE Maria Alexander?”

My days are hectic. I have A Secret Project in the works that has delighted every agent I’ve corresponded with. I must get the proposal done, in addition to writing the Hot Blood story and finishing the book-in-progress. Tonight, I’ll be at Threshold, where I’m meeting and spending time with an expert in needle play and blood sports. I’m very excited and I’m sure it will be lots of fun.

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