"Pinned" & Other Talents

The story eventually landed somewhere around 7400 words. I sent it to Jeff Gelb and Michael Garrett, as it came from the pitch they accepted for Hot Blood. This is the last Hot Blood; they’re ending the anthology series that I believe started in 1988. The best part of this short story was preparing to write it. I’ve learned a thing or two about play piercing. My boyfriend and I have enjoyed the rewards of that, I must say. 🙂 It’s an incredibly intimate act, unlike any other kind of BDSM play.

Meanwhile, I’m doing some revisions for Writers House in the hopes that they’ll rep my dark fantasy novel, Mr. Wicker. This is astonishingly good luck, and I’m pleased that someone has taken the time for me. It’s my first book, so I’m quite humble enough to take notes. (Of course, we’ll see how I’m am at Book #10, but I don’t see this as much of an ego-charging process, really.) I also have queries and proposals circulating for what I call my nonfiction Top Secret Project(tm), with one agent so far asking for two more sample chapters. I’m anxious to see what happens with that. It is, by far, the most commercial piece I’ve ever written.

This has all been scary business since I got Lasik on the 20th. My left eye is having some complications. I’m told what’s happening is normal and that I should be fine. To not worry. But other than writing and music, worry is my greatest talent, I’m afraid. Still, I’m trying to stay positive because my vision the morning after surgery was 20/15, with freakish, bionic clarity. I’m hopeful it will return to that. The Lasik doctor says there’s no reason it shouldn’t. He says my surgery went absolutely perfectly and that my eyes are healing extremely well.

What is it Tori Amos sings in “Cruel”? “Why can’t my ba-la-loon stay up in a perfectly windy sky?”

I think I’ll go play with my sinking ba-la-loon now and try not to get any needles near it.

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