The Mocking Minou

You could take this French cartoon and replace Villepin’s face with Bush’s:

The kitty (“minou”) is saying, “The cats are against you even more now.”

Alas, I wish the cats were against Bush. At least his shoes would be stained.


It’s been a relatively productive morning. Yesterday, I finally remembered to send “In Her Mirrors, Darkly” to Weird Tales. I’m busy with taxes and budgeting now, so I’m taking a short writing break. Monday is my first day as an official employee of Uncle Walt. My eyes are middling. The LASIK dryness is gone (hurray!) but the ghost images are still there. It’s okay — it’s only been six weeks. I think actually I’m a little better because overall, even though it’s still there, it bothers me less, especially on the computer.

I need to somehow put down the Cortazar and back away slowly so that I can do my Stoker reading. But I’m hooked! I’m a junkie! *slap slap slap* Gimme more o’ dat “Blow Up,” yo!

Can’t. Too good.

I miss my book, OUT OF BODY, immensely. I can’t wait to get back to it. Still haven’t heard back from Writers House. I’m in stasis until I do. Because if they ultimately can’t work with me, I’ve got Plan B, which I’m tellin’ no one, no how! (Bwahahahaha!)

One more day of nominations for the John W. Campbell Award. Will I be nominated? Who said I don’t know how to write suspense? 😉

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