WHC, Pirate Cats, Prospero and Good Writing

I feel terribly remiss for not posting something comprehensive about World Horror here, but I will soon. Promise!

Yesterday at lunchtime just before a 12:30pm meeting, I went to the Iliad Bookshop to see Zola the one-eyed pirate kitty, who they’d recently adopted. Christa Faust rescued her and I helped with vet bills, so I feel a bit like an Auntie. Poor Zola had been severely neglected and Faust managed to get the crazy lady who had her to give her up. I was so happy to see Zola so happy that I nearly started to cry in the store. It’s so good to see a rescued animal having a good life.

Last night, as the the Frenchman’s last birthday present, we saw a beautiful stage production of The Tempest. (It seems that all of their productions have gorgeous costumes and color schemes.) My only problem with it, other than the actors rushing the lines sometimes, was that they cut out Prospero’s speech at the end. I love that speech, where he asks the audience to forgive him so that he can go back to Milan. I want to kick the director in the shins. But the Frenchman was happy, and that’s what matters with birthday presents.

I’m particularly excited because I got a personal invitation last night from Carolyn See to a signing and talk she’s giving in June being sponsored by Random House. She’s been such a help to me lately with navigating the agent stuff. Her new novel, There Will Never Be Another You, is about a woman surviving a nuclear blast in Topanga Canyon. It got a rave review from the Los Angeles times. They say that those who can’t do, teach. Well, although she teaches at UCLA, I’m here to say that Carolyn is the direct contradiction to that: she teaches because she can and does so very well. It looks like I need to check out this book!

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