Mas de Barberude

We’re having massive problems with Livebox over here. The Frenchman was able to set up his computer for wifi access to the box, but it’s been impossible setting up my computer. We called tech support three times and could never get it to work. So, we set up my computer downstairs (not where I originally wanted to work, but it will do), and connected to the Livebox using a cable. Now a big white cable runs from the living area to the kitchen. Ick.

However, I was able to get some photos of the mas (that is, the farmhouse) and the surrounding greenery. The house is called “Mas de Barberude.” It’s 250 years old. And even though it was 100 degrees here today, the house was completely cool. It’s built to withstand the heat naturally.

Without future ado, click here to see this amazing little house and more:

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