Downtown Aix

Some photos of what I see nearly every day now.

I wrote for most of today and then trekked downtown to run a couple of errands before meeting up with The Frenchman to go home and do more errands. We’re starting to settle a bit, but we were still missing things like hangers. I think we’re good now, though. Also, we’re sleeping in two twins beds pushed together. So I went to the French equivalent of a hardware store and bought rope to lash the beds together. I also went back to a little gothy store called “Le Curieux” to exchange a garter belt The Frenchman bought me (too small, of course). The owner is a charmer and started asking me if the men kneel to me or if I kneel to the men. Hoo boy.

But I almost couldn’t leave the house. The Frenchman had accidentally locked me in. Yes — in. Our front door is so fucking medieval that you can lock someone in from the outside, like some virgin (ha!) French princess from the marauding Saxons and Spaniards. Our landlady heard me tugging at the door and whining, so she let me out and explained the trick. Oh la la! I called The Frenchman and thanked him for his concern for my chastity. At first The Frenchman didn’t believe me about the door; he thought maybe I just wasn’t pulling on the door correctly. But after he spoke to the landlady, he relented. Ha! Next time that happens, I’m staying home and drinking all the amazing wine in the pantry.

That’s all for today. I think it’s time to rest the head (and feet, which aren’t doing so well).

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