Well Ain’t That a Stiff Kick in the Knickers

Apparently Dave’s band manager has torn down both a MySpace fan site and David Reilly’s own MySpace site because they had unreleased album tracks. David Reilly has been dead just over a year. His fans had left hundreds of messages to him in the afterlife and to each other on this MySpace account as we’ve all been coping with this incredible loss. Of course, being an artist, I understand the business of buying and selling artistic material, but to tear down an electronic shrine is short-sighted, to say the least. Couldn’t they just remove the music? It’s a dopey maneuver anyway to eliminate a fanbase for music at MySpace. For all its e-Whoring, it does promote musicians nicely and it takes a while to build those damned Friends lists.

I asked the band manager to please put something up for the fans. Although I can understand wanting to control the unofficial fan site’s content, even then, why not leave up Dave’s? It’s not like Dave had put up the whole damned album, maybe four tracks, if that. It was something to point people towards to say, “This is why I love this man’s music.”

There is an unreleased album. But instead of releasing said unreleased album, they just took away everything. There’s going to be a trench in the bottom of Dave’s coffin from all the rolling by the time this all plays out.

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