Snowed: The Raves are Snowballing!

Book bloggers, librarians, moms, and teens. They all love Snowed. Check it out!

“Maria Alexander has written a top-notch YA novel.” 5 stars, Goodreads

Snowed is…well on its way to becoming a cult favorite.” BOLO Books

“…one of the best books I have read in 2016.” Bookworm Society

“Once I started reading Maria Alexander’s Snowed, (I) couldn’t put it down. What an awesome and unique story…an action packed story that won’t let you go until the end.” 5 Stars, My Two Blessings book blog

“There are few words for how bone-chillingly cool I found this story. Charity is awesome! Bonus points for Doc Martin and Cage the Elephant nods.” 5 stars, LibraryThing review

Romance and speculative fiction combine in a fun, twisty, and seriously page-turning read. I’m slapping a hand across my mouth (symbolically) to prevent giving away this engagingly alternative interpretation of a classic story. All I can say is: ‘Tis the season to read SNOWED.” 5 stars, Amazon review from Golden Kite Award-winning author, Pamela Turner

“Very inventive, clever and fun!” Nicole Jones-Dion, director of Death Date and They Found Hell

“Oh wow.  I read it this weekend and didn’t see that coming. Great twist…” Margaret Marquis, School Librarian, Virginia

My first book from this author but will definitely not be the last. A good read, Christmas or not.” 5 Stars, Amazon, Terror Tree

“This book is amazing…” 5 stars, Elsie’s Audio Digest.

“…hilariously wonderful…” Frumious Reads

“Imaginative and delightfully unexpected.” 5 stars, Amazon, Goodreads and J.L. Gribble’s Blog

“Charity Jones is a fantastically brilliant character and her wit and charm proved both intoxicating and inspiring.” 5 stars, Bram Stoker Award-winning poet and professor, Stephanie Wytovich

“Seriously, you need to read this book.” Anna Karras, Author & Librarian, Florida.

“Fun read for both youth and adult. Looking forward to the sequel.” 5 stars, Amazon, Mom of 3 Great Kids

Fantastic YA novel from award-winning author: unputdownable!” 5 stars, Amazon

“I am not a huge fantasy fan, but I could not put this book down.” 5 stars, Rachelle on LibraryThing

“This is a great YA novel, which I, being well past my YA years, thoroughly enjoyed.” LibraryThing review

Charity Jones is a fantastically brilliant character and her wit and charm proved both intoxicating and inspiring.” 5 stars, Goodreads, from Bram Stoker Award-nominated poet and adjunct professor, Stephanie Wytovich

“OMFGds! Just finished it. AWESOME! When can we get the next book??? Love, love, loved it” Facebook post from reader

(Read advanced praise from teens and top writers.)

What are you waiting for? Christmas? It might be too late!



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