Time to Use the Pointy Boots of Doom

Another copyright infringing asshat on MySpace is about to have his profile deleted. I asked him super nicely in a comment to his blog to either delete my story or only post the first paragraph or so with a link to Gothic.net. Instead, he deleted my comment.

Down you go!

He lives in Dublin, Ireland. Ironic, huh?

Another gal who had put one of my poems in her Yahoo! 360 blog had a lot of misconceptions about copyright. She thought she could reproduce my work — or anyone’s really — as much as she wanted to as long as she didn’t make money from it. This makes me slap my forehead in frustration. I explained to her that she might not be making any money, but I’m losing money. I also gave her the heads up on the Digital Millenium Copyright Act.

Kids these days.

Another gal was very sweet and embarrassed to boot. She chose to take down the entire story she’d pasted into her MySpace blog, bless her heart. I thanked her for being so nice about it.

The book is smokin’ today. Back to the words, pretty birds.

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