Le Brrrr!

It’s very cold here. -4C? Something like that.

The Frenchman took me to Brentano’s yesterday, where they mostly sell American books, and I picked out mostly books for research, including Michael Connelly’s BLOOD WORK and something not-Plumish by Janet Evanovich (I forget which one). He then sent me to the Rugby store across the street whilst he bought me a secret book and had it wrapped. I’m betting it’s La Maupin-ish historical thing. I also picked up a copy of DARK WATERS by Koji Suzuki. I can hardly wait! I’m going to read it between chapters of THE DAY OF THE JACKAL, which I started last night.

I found out this morning that FOX bought the film rights to the Winchester Mystery House. I’m a bit heartsick thinking that they might have bought book rights, as well. I don’t think they can do that, seeing as how she’s an historical figure, but I asked anyway. Years of my life have gone into this woman and her house. If I can’t write a story about her, it’ll be pretty painful. FOX had to have spent a huge amount of money, too, because the General Manager, Shozo Kagoshima, told me in the past that other production companies have offered them money, but never enough to make it worthwhile.

Enough whining. Back to the writing.

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