Robbing Banks with Dave Schow

I was pissed last night to discover around page 334 that I had guessed the “big dark secret” of Michael Connelly’s Blood Work way back on page 5.

Yes, page 5. This explains in part why it’s feeling so incredibly tedious to me. It’s still good fuel for Thrilled. (Yep, that’s an official title for the next project.)

In annoyance, I bookmarked the damn thing and put it aside. I slept well, but then encountered a guy who was breeding wolves and boa constrictors together. I had to scramble up on the kitchen counter to avoid the small zoo of creatures caged from all sides but the top. Some had two heads, some were snowy white, others had rusty streaks of fur that resembled scales. All were vicious beyond belief.

That’s when the mad breeder informed me that I’d be helping him and Dave Schow hit a bank. He called Dave and we got together to go over their plan. I was amazed at what they wanted to do. It was difficult to discredit any plan by Dave, as he’s incredibly smart, but this was some kind of comical hubris from the two of them. I went to the bank to “case” it, filling out a fake loan application (under the name of John Cleese), and confirmed how crazy these two were for thinking they could get away with this. I had to think of a diplomatic way to get out of it, though, because the mad breeder was threatening me. I told Dave that I wasn’t in on a job with people who had never robbed banks before. Period. That seemed to satisfy him to the point that his and Mr. Low Snake Moan’s disappointment wasn’t homocidal. Still, I moved to a ratty little room with dark wood walls to get away for a while. Then, the Feds came to talk to me. I was so relieved that I was no longer involved at all. I told them I had heard some friends were cooking up a crazy plan and that’s why I went in — to see just how crazy it was and tell them so. And I was right. The Bureau Boys seemed happy with that answer and went on their way.

Today, I’m off to La Duree and then to a couple more fetish shops for my article. When I return, I’ll write more but I’m despairing that I’ll finish the first draft by the New Year. Keep your fingers crossed for me, eh?

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