"Christmas in Rouen" or "Oui, moi!"

I’m sitting in Papa Loup’s desk. Everything is antique French except my computer and his LiveBox. We’re back in Paris after spending Christmas in Rouen with The Frenchman’s family. Oof. I like the celebrations, but I need to return to solitude. Last night was music night. Everyone who could play an instrument did, including all of the kids. It was fun. And then I sang “Nel Cor Piu Non Mi Sento” and everyone seemed quite pleased with that. (On second thought, “pleased with” might be a bit inaccurate. “Agape at” might be more appropriate as no one except The Frenchman knew I sang, no one knew I knew any opera, and no one could fathom how I did it in a corset. Naturally, it was the Ruby Raven corset, but still.) The Frenchman was sick a lot of the time, poor baby.

I managed to do a little writing, but mostly I read Blood Work by Michael Connelly. God, is it ever tedious. I can parody this seven ways to Sunday, although it isn’t nearly as fun as any of James Patterson’s merde.

Hopefully this week I can get the MP3 from the producer at the BBC for the radio show. I’m still a bit dazed. When we would tell people about the interview, they’d either say “Ah bon?” (which is the standard French response of surprise) or “Toi?”

Yeah. Moi.

Et voila!

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