Scaring Me (‘Pooter Is)

The laptop spontaneously rebooted itself twice yesterday whilst I was researching on the web. I’m switching to another browser temporarily, just to see if that’s the problem. (Although I can’t imagine that being the problem, but whatever, eh?)

Meanwhile, I’m just over 98% on the word count according to the estimate. It’s going to be longer than that, of course, but that’s fine. The chapter I just finished was one of the best. I got to introduce the character who is the lynch pin. The gender, race, motive — everything is a satisfying surprise. And it allowed me to bring in one more significant spiritual concept that the book still hadn’t encountered. In the thriller, I’m showing how each religion has a piece of something much bigger and far more organic than people normally imagine. And how they’re all completely and utterly wrong.

It’s raining in Paris, but it’s still unbelievably beautiful. I woke up early and made coffee to drink as I looked outside at the rain splattering the glistening city streets. A sort of quiet yet deep happiness bubbled up. I love it here like no other place in the world.

Maybe I’ll finish the book today. Or tomorrow.

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