Bicycle Races in My Head

The Actifed last night had me tweaking until the wee hours, my thoughts spinning spinning spinning. I think I was also suffering from the initial shock of getting off a bike I’d been pedalling full speed for so many months that I couldn’t stop pumping my feet. (Or, in this case, my brain.) Thanks so much to everyone for their celebratory comments. I feel quite energized (or is that the Actifed? ::tweak!::).

My parodyThrilled is now in the works. Hey ho! I’ve discovered that pretty much all thrillers are silly and intensely mockable — even the good ones. This will be as fun as writing the book proposal for my Top Secret Project, G3. Speaking of which, I just sent an email to my agent to bring her up to speed and to see if Santa left us any coal in our socks over the holidays. (I’m sure she’d tell me if he had, but I like to touch base anyway so that we can shake our fists at the chimney.)

My head was also churning over The Blasphemy Challenge. There are now over 500 videos on YouTube of people denying the holy spirit (the only unforgivable sin, according to Mark 3:29). Of course, theologians are wetting themselves, coming up with all kinds of re-interpretations of that verse in order to nullify what these folk are doing. The point is that, regardless of the theological fiddling one does with that text, these folk are making a stand for rationalism, and theologians are almost completely missing that. All they see is the attack on Christianity. Really, it’s a counter-attack.

I sent an email to the producer at the BBC to find out if they can have a segment on this for “Have Your Say.” There’s even a somewhat slanted news article about it in Newsweek. I wrote the first comment that was posted, and then — they deleted it. I can’t for my life figure out why. I did, however, pretty much skewer the journalist for calling The God Who Wasn’t There an “antireligion” movie. This means that Copernicus was “antireligion,” as well as anyone else who has a scientific or historical epiphany that challenges some misheld religious belief about the natural world. I told them that using that word is monstrously panderous to the superstitious crowd, assumes that Christianity is the only religion, and is entirely unbecoming of real journalism…

Uh…on second thought, that’s probably why they deleted it.

Anyway, must go and do semi-human things like showering. If I’m lucky, sleeping will happen, too.

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