And So It Goes

Got word from the agent. The Very Large Publisher who had the meeting about G3 ultimately said “No.” The editor LOVED it. The editorial staff LOVED it. But the publisher…he just didn’t understand it. For a guy who’s making a small fortune off of a certain very funny and famous British science fiction writer, this is kind of whack. Whatever. Maybe he doesn’t understand said very funny and famous British science fiction writer, either. Anyway, I’m only giving you guys the gory details so that you understand what a book (or, in this case, a book proposal) goes through, if you don’t already know. My agent despairs that her industry is full of dullards.

::shakes fist at the uncaring universe:: I’ll get you and your little dog, too!

The THRILLED outline has turned into real work today. Man, structure? Why do stories have to have structure and stuff? Geez.

Not much else to report. Back to the words!

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