I Am Out of Socks

Scratch that. I am out of feet.

Yesterday consisted of great amounts of walking, buses, metro trains, even the RER C. We went everywhere. There were errands and lots of friends to see. I started whining about 5:00pm on our way to Neuilly. The Frenchman just didn’t get yet that our feet were reaching Limits. I got in some major kitty love at a painter friend’s house who had two kitties.

Tomorrow is the two year anniversary of the night we met. A surprise is planned. I’m clueless as to what it is, although I suspect food is involved.

I have written very little. I did finish the Practical Homicide Investigation manual, which was incredible on every level. The photos will haunt me forever. But now I feel the overwhelming urge to work. It might have to wait until Tuesday as today we have more commitments. And besides, Paris is like a juicy mistress: you can’t be here and not spend time with her. It’s impossible.

Anyway, when we were at Fnac yesterday, I picked up Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane. It’s already an amazing read. It’ll tide me over for the TGV ride home.

Paris Shopping Tip

I went to a TATI the other day and bought a new pair of pants for 9€ and a little black vest coat with zippers for15€. TATI is the bargain fashion place. There’s a lot of crap there, but the good stuff is priceless.

Now I must find some feet.

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