Someday, A Dream

I went outside this morning to start some laundry. The rich smell of wood burning in the not-too-crisp air of Provence smelled almost exactly like the perfume of incense in the Greek Orthodox church. White blossoms are already bursting on one of the dead winter trees. I took a moment to just appreciate the amazing smell as it created a cathedral around me in front of the mas under the naked chestnut tree.

Someday soon, I’m going to be home in L.A. and people will be asking me, “How was it?” I will not have a single word. It will be like unraveling a complex dream to someone upon waking.

Speaking of dreams, if you enjoyed La Sainte-Chapelle, you must absolutely watch this slide show of the exquisite palace of Versailles, built by the lavish Louis Quatorze. I’ve never seen anything like it…

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