Happy Spring!

The Equinox hath arrived!

Normally, the Equinoxes and Solstices roll in cool yet startling things for me. Winter Solstice was my first BBC Radio appearance. I’m thinkin’ the Spring Equinox brought in Kathleen Spivack, as well as the exciting new direction in my writing career. It feels like Spring, inside and out.

The foot is better. Still stiff, a little sore, but I can move my toes at least. I slept with the foot up, compressed, after several bouts of ice as we watched Lucky Number Slevin (which I felt was an entertaining, albeit an uneven and problematic film with an unbelievable ending). I’ve set up shop downstairs today so that I don’t have to use the stairs. I finally figured out how I might have hurt it. It’s still weird, but at least it’s better.

The weirdness continued last night as I discovered someone went onto my Amazon Profile and systematically voted down every single one of my reviews of thrillers. They also voted down my photo. The whole reason I was there was because I was thinking of adding another. I had just been there last weekend with the same intent but wound up blowing it off. In the meantime, someone went on a tirade. I hope they got it off their chest and got themselves back to The Home before dinner time so they could get their meds and resume rocking in place.

I also again tried to negotiate (and failed) with the guy who’s owned http://www.mariaalexander.com for eight years and hasn’t used it in the last five. I’ve registered http://www.mariaalexander.net. I’m just angling for the most logical and effective URL for what I do. The one I have was given to me when I was totally disabled. The gentleman’s reasons for keeping the domain don’t reflect effective marketing practices, Internet or otherwise, but I’ll not try to convince him. I’ll make do.

Anyway, even Provence knows that Spring is here, despite the freezing temperatures yesterday. I’ll shoot and upload photos of the white blossoming trees when I’m able.

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