Loved It So Much, I Red and Re-Red It

Time for more red hair dye. Joy!

I love it. Really.

Since last Friday morning, I’ve written 9767 words.

Signed the contract with Dark Arts Books. The following three stories will appear:

  • “The Last Word”
  • “Pinned”
  • “The Dark River of His Flesh” (reprinted from Paradox Magazine 2004)
  • So, two new stories, one reprint. They’re all long — over 6,000 words — so you know what that means. (I guess no reviews is no bad reviews, eh?)

    I am in full retreat now, focusing exclusively on the current project, trying to get as much done before I leave. The Frenchman has warned me — and this time I believe him — that the reverse culture shock is going to be bad. (I had never heard of this, but it definitely makes sense.) If I create a big enough buffer of free time just before the transition, I might be able to soften the landing.

    Fingers crossed.

    Now for more words.

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