Astrological Predictions for the French Election

I have shitty data — that being only birthdays and birth places, and no birth times at all — but my predictions for the French election are that Segolene and Sarkozy will win this first run-off. They have incredibly eerie, matching happy transits today. That is damned spooky stuff. Of course, maybe they’ll be together in delirious denial. Who knows? Segolene has the strongest of all the transits. This is scary shit indeed.

Le Pen: The Nazi has almost nothing to speak of, which mostly means I really, really need better data for him because the very fact that he’s running for the damned Presidency ought to be showing up.

Bayrou: Now, this guy has something amazing happening called “The Finger of God.” Since I don’t have real data for him, I can’t say where this “finger” is pointing (heh heh, she said “finger”). This is by far the most exciting transit of the bunch, but if I can’t see where it’s pointing, it’s almost worthless information. Will there be an upset of some sort unrelated to the election? Will a loss at this point be a fateful occurrence like it was for Gore? Will Sego and Sarko actually be in denial while Bayrou and Le Pen take over the world? (Uh, probably not.)

Anyway, there you have it. Let’s see how shitty data holds out.

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