Happy Beltane, Everyone!

With luck, I’ll finish Draft 1 today. Yesterday had a happy interruption when The Fabulous B asked if she could come over for help with a visa application to Canada. I helped her with some other correspondence in English, as well, and we giggled over crazy boyfriend stories until The Frenchman came home. We all then had appero and she parted for a movie she’d been wanting to see. Before she went, I promised to go on a hike with her, her British boyfriend and a bunch of other people up Mt. Saint-Victoire at 8:00am on a Saturday morning while The Frenchman is away. Am I stupid, or what?

Today in France is also known as Labor Day. You’re all welcome to continue carrying the American stereotype of French people being oversexed and perverted, but frankly this one holiday speaks for itself. The French have taken a fertility holiday and turned it into a day to celebrate work. If that doesn’t dispel one or two ridiculous myths, I don’t know what will.

Here’s me, rushing headlong towards “The End”…

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