Election Predictions

We’re hours away from a result here, but by noon over 1/3 of the people here voted.

I went back and looked at Royal’s and Sarkozy’s transits. I think it’s “Valentine’s Day” for Sarkozy because he thinks everyone loves him. That must mean he’s going to take it. Also Segolene has that massive “What the hell am I doing?” transit. I think she’ll remain a powerful figure in French politics (hence, the power transits), but that she won’t go home with the prize. Rather, she’ll go home thinking she might have made a big mistake.

And for those who don’t know, there are no “exit polls” here in France. I’m not saying this based on things people are saying on the news. That sort of thing is illegal to broadcast here. What a concept! The news media being disallowed to report voting results until, like, there are real results. Incredible.

More after we get the results at 8:00pm…

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