Chris Hitchens is a Great Big Meanie!

Fox News just invited Chris Hitchens, the author of God is Not Great, to speak about the death of Falwell on the Hannity Colmes show. What ensued was an hysterical “debate” between Jack Abramoff’s buddy Ralph Reed, some other schmuck and Hitchens, who never for a moment gives the conservative drill team an inch of space to flail their flags.

I disagree that Falwell was a fraud and believe that he actually drank the poisonous brew he drew for others. Still, FOX calling Hitchens on the carpet for his comments after the far less than flattering “obituary” they aired for Vonnegut is a whole lot of pot and kettle action.

After a long walk in the forested estates of Provence, I’ve been writing today but not working on the book. I’ve taken a break to write an article I’ve been itching to get out. This should give me something to keep my brain busy whilst I work out some things in my head about the spine of my story.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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