Back from the Bastille

We’re back from Paris and Rouen. I left with a big basket of mixed feels. So sad to leave, but I also felt the first stirring of excitement about going home. I have much to do, as the days count down to departure. I’ve also finished my article on French stereotypes. It’s just under 4000 words and I can’t think of anyone who’d publish it now due to length. Any suggestions of top magazines who might appreciate this?

I decided to spend my last day in the cemeteries — Montparnasse and Père Lachaise. For those who don’t regularly visit my Flickr account, I’ve posted pictures of the escalating destruction of Oscar Wilde’s monument:

I can’t tell you how sad and infuriating this was. A lot of the new graffiti is in Spanish and some of it evidently done earlier this year. I wouldn’t be surprised if they put up a gate around the monument so that no one can come near it. Just for comparison, check out this photo from god knows how long ago when the monument was relatively unscathed.

I also visited the grave of Maupassant and took some photos.

There are other photos of Cimitière Montparnasse, including those of a bizarre new glass bird monument that actually is much more impressive in person. The pictures I took just kind of make it look weird and somehow rob it of its incredible originality. But I also got some photos of Baudelaire’s grave, which was nice:

Although I got some good work done on the TGV, I’m glad to be home so that the run to the finish line can start. I’ve had very little of The Googles this week, so I’m afraid I’m completely behind on correspondence of any kind. I hope everyone understands!

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