Zeus Strike Some Sense Into Him, Please

During our Mother’s Day lunch with The Frenchman’s mother Sunday in Cannes, his mother announced that The Young M — The Frenchman’s hawt 17-year-old nephew and godson — is considering becoming a Catholic priest.

I said, “Bad idea! Bad bad bad idea!”

Fortunately, Grandma thinks this is a bad idea, as well. She also believes Jesus is a myth and that the entirety of Christendom is a waste of time, but even The Young M’s parents who are devout Catholics think this particular career course is an unwise choice. That said, his parents are vastly liberal Catholics, the kind that love homosexuals and deviants like us. Not just tolerate but love with absolutely zero judgment and total acceptance. Their political and emotional agendas occasionally puts the most liberal Americans to shame. While they are very active in church, I have no doubt that, when they heard this, their morning pain et confiture soiled their pants. The thing is that, unlike in the U.S., once you’re locked into a schooling path in France, you’re doomed. At the college level, there’s no course correction. You can do it, but it’s very tough if you change your mind.

We saw him perform in a very good play that weekend we visited, and he played the piano for us — he’s completely self taught and now writes his own music. He’s amazingly talented, that’s for sure. Maybe he’ll figure out soon that he’s got looks to kill, charm enough to tame a thousand Amazons, and far too much creativity to last in a dusty old monastery. Otherwise he’s going to turn into Joaquin Phoenix’s character in Quills and that’s just all messed up.

Zeus, strike some sense into this boy who is heartbreak-on-a-plate. Then again, maybe it would save the World of Girl some pain if he were stuffed into a shapeless robe…

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