Workin’. What are YOU doin’?

Completed a dry run of the packing last night. I have, um, a lot of shoes. I might need to ship the boots separately.

I’m completing the TOC of yet another humorous nonfiction book for an editor at an Enormous Publishing House. Wish me great hordes of luck that she digs it.

The agent gave me positive feedback on the revised sample chapter, too. I grok what’s left. It’s a go.

And then there’s this nice post the BBC published in response to my concerns about how they represented Allison Stokke, the 18-year-old pole vaulter who’s being stalked by people from all over the world. The producers published most of the email I sent them, which was really nice of them.

We watched Casino Royale. What a silly movie. Daniel Craig: The Scruffy Bond with a duck face? How did they do that to such a good-looking guy? Well, at least he’s Lord Asriel. That’s a great fit, methinks.

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