And So It All Crawls Forward Another Inch

The TOC went off to said editor at Enormous Publishing House. My lit agent loved it and had a very good suggestion as to something I might add. Now we wait, as it turns out the editor is on vacation until early next week.

To cut into the stress, I have been wasting some time with the Alternate Reality Game (ARG) sponsored by CourtTV and Applebees. The gamer sprouts over at Unfiction have scurried ahead of me but I don’t care. It seems there’s some question as to whether or not the designers purposely let them “hack” into future videos that have now been removed from the server. I mean, there’s solving the game, and then there’s “solving” the way to get at more than they’re supposed to see (that is, cheating). To many people on the Unfiction forum there’s no difference. At least they share all their information, which is interesting because there’s a $25K prize that will be split between winners. What is that? I don’t understand it. Actually, I do in a way: gaming is a social experience. I knew that when we ran Dead Earth games, and especially when I was part of the creation of The Dreamscape. That would explain it, definitely.

At least I solved the problem of carrying The Fabulous Coat, as well as almost all other packing issues. Hooray!

I’ve been walking the hills and lifting weights every day, too. It feels glorious.

And now more writing.

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