Repuglicans Go BOOM!

Pete Von Sholly brought to my desk yesterday a copy of his brilliant political satire, REPUGLICANS, which includes very funny commentary by Steve Tatham of The Ointment (he is also my colleague here at The Mouse). It’s soon to be released by BOOM! Studios.

Pete is a brilliant artist who really hit upon something some time ago when he emailed me his first Repuglican picture. My first response was, “This is hilarious!” and my second was, “Put yer name on this immediately because it’s going to go viral!” Until I got the electronic version with his name, I would show people the picture on my computer but wouldn’t forward it, no matter how much they begged. I wanted to make sure Pete got all the glory for this amazing bit of satire.

When he told me BOOM! had bought his gallery and that Steve was writing a blurb for each picture, I knew they had something not only genius but potentially incendiary.

I personally cannot wait to see the glow on the horizon…

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