"I’m sorry, Jesus!"

Clerks II was hilarious. Not as funny as the first, but still.

Of course, Jay’s imitation of Buffalo Bill killed me and Elias the Christian fantasy geek stole the show.

I rented these at a nearby Blockbuster. (Trust me. There isn’t anything indie within ten miles of here.) Holy crap! I’ve never stepped into a Blockbuster before. It was like walking into the oversized print section of the library or something. And isn’t it a sad statement of Middle America that there isn’t a Foreign Films section? As if “Foreign” would scare people away.

I miss Rocket Video.

The brain fog is clearing and I’m writing again. I even wrote and submitted something else for Common Ties. They have a theme deadline approaching on The Holocaust. By nature of the subject, Holocaust stories have serrated teeth that sort of grind into your ankle painfully when you read them. I decided to write a humorous yet touching story about the way I accidentally discovered that my sweet Uncle Ike escaped from a concentration camp when he was 16 years old. He was a Greek Jew married to my Greek godmother (my nouna), so not related to me by blood. The little story is called “Even Steve McQueen Gets the Blues.” Let’s hope their heads aren’t up their butts and they buy it. That site could stand a bit more humor, dammit.

Major Publishing House is now looking to spin the direction of the HOW TO FLEE AMERICA book because they worry that fewer people will want to flee when Bush leaves office. The book only had one political line, which I changed, but that wasn’t quite enough because “fleeing” seems to invoke the idea that they are running away from the U.S. because of the Evil President. So, I’ve submitted THE EXPATRIATE ACT: How to Ditch America for a Hip Life Abroad. The title sounds more “political” because of the reference, but seems to otherwise get away from their concern. I pointed out that, should Hillary Clinton win, people will still want to flee, but for different reasons, and that none of the expats I spoke with in France left for political reasons.

And now for more writing and kitten squeezin’.

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