The Music of Snowed: A Playlist

Happy New Year, everyone!

cage-the-elephant-press-2015-billboard-650I’m currently working on Inversion, the sequel to Snowed, and people are asking about the music I listen to. I’m a voracious music addict and a recovering Goth. So, I listen to pretty much anything electronic, dark, and dramatic. But I also listen to plenty of popular music, like Cage the Elephant and Fall Out Boy. My varied tastes also lead me to really cool, lesser-known musicians like Chase Holfelder and Rico.

“Remember Me, For Centuries”

raidI grew up a classical musician. While I no longer play a symphonic instrument, music is still a big part of my life, and it’s a cornerstone of my writing, too, whether I’m listening to movie soundtracks or a song inspires a moment in the story. As I was writing Snowed, I listened to numerous pop songs, plus a couple of movie soundtracks like The Raid: Redemption. Each song in the playlist represents a section of the book. In some cases they’re songs that Charity hears. Don’t worry you won’t be able to guess the twists and turns of the plot from the list (or even the line I picked above).

The Playlist

No Maker Made Me IAMX
Wrong Depeche Mode
Crazier Gary Numan and Rico
Came Back Haunted Nine Inch Nails
Tell No One Fixer
2 Heads Coleman Hell
Love Hurt Bleed Gary Numan
No Rest for the Wicked Cage the Elephant
Monster Lady Gaga
Feeling Good Michael Bublé
Hello Kitty Avril Lavigne
Centuries Fall Out Boy
Vodevil Marilyn Manson
Razors.Out Chino Moreno
All I Want for Christmas Is You (MINOR KEY VERSION) Chase Holfelder

I’ve included links to the official music videos where possible. I do have a Spotify list for Snowed, but it couldn’t include all of these songs. If there’s one song on this list, though, that sums up Snowed, it’s Chase Holfelder’s cover of “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” That’s exactly what would be running over the end credits.

I hope you enjoy the tunes and have a beautiful new year!

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