Awards Eligibility for Bram Stoker, Anthony & Hugo

Just a short post listing what I’ve published this year that’s eligible for awards:

snowed_webSnowed — My YA novel released November 2, 2016 by Raw Dog Screaming Press is eligible for:

  • Bram Stoker Award in the “Young Adult Novel” category
  • Anthony Awards in the “Young Adult Novel” category
  • Agatha Awards in the “Children’s/Young Adult” category
  • Hugos in the “Best Novel” category
  • Thriller Awards in the “Young Adult Novel” category (2018)

Read some of the rave reviews it’s gotten to see why it’s worthy. If you’re a Bouchercon or Worldcon attendee, let me know and I’ll see if I can get review copies for your consideration. The publisher has already submitted it to the jury for the Andre Norton Award, which is a YA award given by the SFWA.

The Witches of Winter — Posted December 15, 2016 on This essay is eligible in the “Best Related Work” category for the Hugos.

“Hey, Little Sister” — a short story that appeared in Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories, June 2016 from Crystal Lake Publishing, edited by Doug Murano and D. Alexander Ward. I love this story, but I haven’t been promoting it because I want voters to focus on Snowed. However, reviewers have mentioned it frequently when reviewing the anthology. It’s a nice reminder that I haven’t lost touch with my love for writing short fiction.

That’s all I can recall offhand. Thanks for your kind consideration!

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