“The Witches of Winter” over at Tor.com

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Because things get lost quickly in the social media scroll, I thought I’d tell you here about my cool Yule blog post over at Tor.com, “The Witches of Winter.” Here’s the intro:

“These last few years, Krampus has broken into the American zeitgeist in movies such as Rare Exports, Krampus and, heaven help us, last year’s William Shatner vehicle, A Christmas Horror Story. Those films and viral videos of the misidentified “Krampus parades” in Austria have conspired with our desire for a new, nastier way of celebrating Christmas, putting the red right hand of Santa in a leading role with the jolly old elf as kings of the season here in the U.S. and abroad.

Truly, though, it’s women—or rather female deities—who have long ruled Yule. Hailing from the older, colder countries of Austria and Iceland with their own fascinating companions, characters such as Perchta and Gryla both punished and rewarded adults and children during Christmas time for centuries before Santa Claus came to town. Read on about these winter witches and decide for yourself if these ladies should be our leads across the annual finish line.”

Check it out! If you like any part of my brain — or just winter folklore like Krampus — I think you’re really going to dig it.

More Snowed Raves

Meanwhile, Snowed is racking up the 5-star reviews over at Goodreads and LibraryThing. “Alexander’s holiday cheer is smashing…” “I could not put this book down.” “…Snowed is one heck of a page-turner with some great YA characters you will definitely want to root for…” “I can’t wait for the sequel!”


Thank you, everyone, for making my Yule so wonderful!

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