Too Proud Not to Shout

So, you wanna know what I was doing recently for Uncle Walt? The work I just did has gone up on the Adventures by Disney website.

Check out the Paris & Provence trip. I wrote everything, with some (occasionally dubious) edits from the business unit. One guy from the business unit went into the copy at one point and rewrote broad swaths of it. I pushed back and salvaged much of it. However, they might have done some editing after I left, as they were having space issues. From what I’ve perused so far, it looks kosher. (Although, they’re still having problems on Day 2 and a few problems still with the HTML for foreign characters.)

I also wrote the Daily Itinerary for the Germany trip. My apologies to anyone who is German or has been there. Another trip I wrote — Holland & Paris — was pushed back to 2009. So you won’t see any of my gilded prose for that until then. Maybe.

I even wrote a draft of the newest E-cards, but I didn’t have the photos at the time. A lot of the text was rewritten later without me once they knew which photos they were using. You can tell I didn’t write them because I would never have used the word “soar,” especially not for the zillionth effing time, in my the Paris E-card copy. What I didn’t like about some of the other copy was that it could be highly repetitive in word choice. The word “enjoy” appears enough times to make Strunk & White wheeze into an asthmatic stupor. I tried to avoid it when possible.

My Germany E-card seems to be intact, though, as well as Peru (the only place I felt “soar” was appropriate) and the first photo of Spain. Check it out!

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