Two Neurotics in Paris

Last night, The Frenchman took me to see 2 Days in Paris, which was hilarious. It’s about a Franco-American couple who spends two insane days in the zany French girlfriend’s hometown of Paris after a two-week vacation in Venice. While I had a far better time there with The Frenchman’s friends and family, I could totally relate to the screwball anxiety that her American boyfriend goes through in the film due to the language barrier. Oh la la! Julie Delpy, who wrote, directed and starred in the film, relies a bit much on Amelie techniques toward the beginning and periodically through the film. However, the one-liners delivered by her cranky, histrionic boyfriend played by Adam Goldberg are fabulous.

And for those who care, I decided to pick up The Chamber of Secrets while I was at the airport this weekend. I’m already almost halfway through. Damn, this book is a fast read. I can’t believe how swift the plot is. It just runs along like a freight train.

My writing is not running along, but rather more like limping feverishly in the desert. I need to put on some wordage, pronto!

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