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Before I hit the keyboard again hard tonight, I wanted to mention that The Frenchman and I had a spectacular dinner with Faustlast night, enjoying Chef Damon’s culinary creativity. I know Faust enjoyed the foie gras dim sum but I might have actually enjoyed the brie, honey and pomegranate appetizer a wee bit more. However, everything was so fantastic, I really can’t pick a favorite part of the meal. (The “pre-dessert” was scrumptious, too: a small chocolate cup that held a demi-shot of limoncello, followed by the true dessert of chocolate mousse. Oh la la!)

I then got to try on clothing, including some vintage wear, and brought home three lovely pieces: a long-sleeved, black velvet bolero; an elegant, 1930s dusty rose house coat with a black rose pattern down the sleeve; and a 1940s-style, bada-bing bada-boom pink skirt suit that hugs my curves better than a sheet of shower water. Woof!

It was a good day to be The Me.

We just got back from dinner at Fatty’s Cafe in Eagle Rock with The Marquise and The King of the Nachoheads. Tasty menu with great presentation of the dishes. I just wish the interior had more to commend itself. The 2005 syrah we had from Australia really accented the food, although I kind of wish I’d had the lavender martini. Lavender is part of my religion. Lavender and blueberries, that is. If there is a food or beverage made of lavender or blueberries, I must try it.

And that’s all for tonight!

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